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Creative direction; code; game design; music; narrative

Bloody action platformer made in Gamemaker Studio 2.

Funded and selected by the NYU Game Center Incubator; Indiecade and PlayNYC nominee; downloaded over 4,500 times.

Play the demo here.



Asymmetrical social game made in Unity for Oculus Rift.

Be either the poor sap going on a date in VR with someone you have nothing in common with, or the spy in their ear looking up everything on Google to help them woo their date.

Read about it here.

Solo project



Solo project

Experimental art piece made in Unreal Engine 4

Wander up and down the path of a dried river that tells the story of your life. At the river's mouth waits the end of your life - or perhaps the beginning.

Read about it here.



I develop with 

Unity, Gamemaker 2, Unreal Engine 4, Pico 8, Twine, and Flash.

I code with

C#, Lua, Blueprint, GML, and Actionscript.

I record with

Ableton, Logic, ProTools, and Famitracker.

Other tools I use are

Github/version control, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Premiere.

My skills include

Game design, level design, rapid prototyping, VR/AR dev, ideation, project planning, and communcation.

A collection of short games all made in under a week.

While small, they show my skills in rapid prototyping, ideation, and eye for game design.

Click on the images to take you to the games.

Solo project

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