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Hi. I'm a game developer based in New York City.

I graduated from the NYU Game Center BFA in 2020.

I do programming, game design, and music.

You can contact me at

My games are below.


Creative direction; code; game design; music

Bloody action platformer made in Gamemaker Studio 2.

Funded and selected by the NYU Game Center Incubator; Indiecade and PlayNYC nominee; downloaded over 4,500 times.

Play the demo here.


Level design; environment art; concept

Experimental piece made in Unreal Engine 4.

Wander up and down the path of a dried river that tells the story of your life. At the river's mouth waits the end of your life - or perhaps the beginning.

Read about it here.


Code; game design; Oculus compatibility

Asymmetrical social game made in Unity for Oculus Rift.

Be either the poor sap going on a date in VR with someone you have nothing in common with, or the spy in their ear helping them woo their date.

Read about it here.


Prototyping; code; music

A collection of short games.

While small, they show my skills in rapid prototyping, ideation, and game design.

Read about and play them here.