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"Hypertext is a set of documents of any kind (images, text, charts, tables, video clips) connected to one another by links."

Janet E. Murray

I love writing, and I've written a pair of hypertext choose-your-own-adventure stories. Both of them are experimental and open-ended, focusing more on eliciting a mood and giving the reader something to think about.

A Baker and his Bread

Screenshot (78).png

"A Baker and his Bread" is a magic realism story that takes place in Bethlehem during biblical times. A man named Ananias has a disturbing experience with a group of visiting foreigners on the same day that his house has been broken into. Everyone around him begins to prove themselves untrustworthy as he tries to unravel what's happening to him.

The story is a surrealist deconstruction of Bible mythos and similar stories. I took a lot of inspiration from other magic realist artists, like Borges and David Lynch, when structuring the plot.

The story is about 15-20 minutes long and has six endings.

Play here.

Screenshot (79).png

The Secret Garden

Play here.

The Secret Garden is a short story loosely inspired by the book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. A nameless, 70-year-old person visits the ruins of a manor they inherited a long time ago. While they explore the manor's gardens, they begin to recall memories from a long time that they've forgotten, some correctly and others incorrectly.

The story is an exploration of how people remember things differently than they may have happened, and how we hold on to these memories without realizing it. It's about 10 minutes long.

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