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Swordswallower's soundtrack is one of its most popular elements. It's in a moody and dramatic alternative rock style that drives the player forward and pushes them to keep fighting. With this soundtrack I'm trying to push the envelope of what indie game soundtracks can be and make something that sounds really live and exciting.


Re[Map] is a hectic multiplayer game where 4 players control tanks and try to kill each other. However, every time they enter a new tank, their controls randomize. The soundtrack captures both the futuristic aesthetic and hectic gameplay.

You can find the game on Steam HERE


Rush Week is a narrative game that depicts a girl's descent into complete brainwashing by a demonic sorority. The soundtrack accompanies the protagonist on her downward spiral; each version of the sorority house theme becomes creepier than the last until the plot culminates in a ritual sacrifice.

During the game's tension-building Oujia board sequence, a music-box rendition of the game's main theme plays. It's inspired by the movie Suspiria, which was a major inspiration for the game's concept.


"The Thief" is a short film by Conor Twohy. In the film, a student tries to steal snacks from a vending machine in the middle of the night.

The film features a fun balance between tension and humor, so the soundtrack's main feature is a bassline that's reminiscent of thriller movies but retains the lighthearted tone of the film.


"Crustallym" is a soundtrack I wrote for a tabletop RPG scenario, where every song represents an area or plot point in the narrative. It works both as background music for a session and as a standalone concept album.

Cold Nor Fair depicts a fast-paced subterranean lava getaway;

Cobalt Waltz is an antagonist's theme that builds over the course of 2 mins;

The Distortion is a moody overture that kicks the whole thing off.

You can find the other tracks on my Soundcloud here.

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