Re[Map] is a hectic multiplayer game where 4 players control tanks and try to kill each other. However, every time they enter a new tank, their controls randomize. It needed a soundtrack to match both the Tron-inspired visuals and the fast-paced gameplay, so I wrote an upbeat chiptune electronic soundtrack. "Battle" was co-written with Noah Perloff.

You can download the game HERE


Rush Week is a game that depicts a girl's descent into total brainwashing by a sorority, so I wanted to write a soundtrack that would match the downward spiral of the main character. I decided to write one theme for the sorority house and write two variations on it, with each day's theme being creepier than the last.

I also needed to write music for a scene where the protagonist contacts her dead sister through a Ouija board. The game itself takes influence from the 1977 film Suspiria, and I absolutely adore that soundtrack, so I opted to write a Suspiria-inspired track that would still match the cute aesthetic of the game.


"The Thief" is a short film by Conor Twohy, a film student also at NYU. In the film, a student tries to steal snacks from a vending machine in the middle of the night and some shenanigans take place.

I wrote an orchestral score to accompany the finished cut. The film is supposed to be tense, but still had an air of humor to it I really liked, so I decided to focus the soundtrack around a catchy, bouncy bassline that was still reminiscent of spy/thriller movies despite being lighthearted.


"Crustallym" is a soundtrack I wrote for MONAD, the RPG I run with my friend. The 17-track album was intended to accompany a mission that we ran together, and we used the songs as background music during our playthrough.

Each song is intended to mimic an area or moment in the story. "Cold Nor Fair" is for a fast-paced lava level, where the part has to outrun a lava flow.

"The Distortion" is the lead track that plays when the main characters approach the titular planet.

"Heliotrope" plays in the hidden science lab that they find under the crust.

"Cobalt Waltz" is the theme of one of the antagonists of the mission. It builds from being very quiet to very loud over 2 minutes.

If you're interested, the 13 other tracks are also on my Soundcloud here.


"Ludovica and her Anvil" is a jazz-rock song where I play guitar, bass, and piano. I wrote and produced the song myself. I wanted to evoke a thunderstorm with the song, so I added in some rain samples to sections of the track.

"Orangutan" is an 8-bit, classical/progressive rock inspired medley with 3 sections. It's my most popular song on Soundcloud. I made it over the course of a single day.

"Vs. Ludovica" is a song I wrote for a small MONAD flash game. It's the same melody as the song right above, but I adapted it to an electronic setting for a game and made it a lot more upbeat to suit a fight scene.

"European Cowboy Overdrive" was a small game jam game I made with a few friends. The game was lost on a broken computer, but the western-inspired song I wrote for it made it out okay.

"Dropping Things in Caves" is an electronic song I wrote in Ableton. I experiment with a lot of delay and reverb on this track.

"Rainy Space" is a solo piano song I began writing many years ago that has gone through a lot of iterations. I often improvise over the song and come up with new sections that way. This is its current form.

"Mandibr" is a short 8 bit song written for a bug character in MONAD.