Pico 8 is a bite-sized development platform designed to foster creativity through the limitation of development resources. I got to know it during sophomore year, where I took a class that required students to make one prototype in Pico 8 every week.

       The class was among the best I've taken at NYU. I stretched my design and coding skills to their limits and found myself rapidly improving as a developer from week to week. It taught me how to better scope projects, how to cut features that aren't working, and how vital prototyping ideas can be to judging a larger design idea.

       Below are my six best prototypes.

The Chicken Chief

iPhone word autofill + dating sim.

Players stumble and mumble their way through a rocky first date one word at a time. Giving compliments has never been harder.

Controls are left, down, and right arrow.

You can play it here.

Little Spawn

One button Lemmings.

Half action game, half puzzle game, every tap both spawns a minion and performs the actions of minions already spawned. Fast-paced but requires thoughtful problem solving.

Controls are pressing X.

You can play it here.


Atmospheric, old school adventure game puzzles in space.

Players wander through a sunless solar system filled with gibberish-speaking characters. They must solve difficult logic puzzles using their radio in order to complete a mysterious task.

Controls are arrow keys and X.

You can play it here.

DJ Pico

Pico 8 DJing app using loops.

Cart comes pre-loaded with a ton of short loops written by me or taken from songs. Blue is melody, green is bass, red is drums, and yellow is chords. Test and judge combinations.

Controls are mouse and X.

You can play it here.

Red Sunset

Open-ended art piece game about what you do when stranded on a beach.

Players, as a crab, dig up sand, build sand towers, and make seaweed flags. What your shore looks like is up to you.

Controls are arrow keys, Z and X.

You can play it here.


Simple isometric turn-based strategy game.

Players throw teams of four at one another and weigh decisions based on probability. Moving closer to the opponent is rewarding, but may come at a cost.

Controls are arrow keys, Z and X.

You can play it here.

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