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Rush Week is a satirical narrative horror game that draws a parallel between Greek life in colleges with death cult traditions. Players control Lucy, a college freshman who joins the sorority Lambda Lambda. By the end of the game, she is so brainwashed that she sacrifices her life to Satan.


The first role I had was as writer. I spent a lot of time early on conceptualizing the path the narrative would take by researching real life cult and sorority horror stories. The most critical parts of my research was learning how cults induct members--they are subtle and terrifying, brainwashing vulnerable people and placing them in a system where feel like they have nowhere else to go. They do this by being loving and welcoming to their victims.

This tactic meant that the other girls in the sorority should never come across as overtly evil or malicious. They are all stuck in the same manipulative social trap as the player, so they should be sympathetic. The true evil isn't any of the cultists, it's the societal pressure they feel at every moment living inside this house.

I wrote most of Friday and all of Saturday with this in mind, and also proofread other people’s work. My teammates and I all had different approaches and writing styles, so getting our work to mesh nicely together took a lot of time.


I also wrote and produced all of the music, which I explain more in depth on the music page of this portfolio.

You can play the game here.

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