Sweet Nothings is a two player, cooperative Oculus Rift game developed with Unity. I made the game over the course of a month and half on my own. 


One player sits in the VR headset and the other is on any web browser on their computer. The player inside the game is known as the Dater, and the player outside the game is known as the Searcher. During the game, the Dater will go on a steamy Sunday brunch date and make small talk. Most of the time they'll have no idea what their date is talking about, so when they respond to their date's questions, they will have to lie about the things they have in common. 

This is where the Searcher comes in. The Dater must relay what their date says to the Searcher, who will look the different subjects up on the internet. The Searcher will then give the Dater the information needed to properly answer the questions.

Sweet Nothings was nominated by my professor to be shown at the Game Center Student Showcase 2019.